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Golder Ranch Fire District EMS Membership is a way to protect you and your loved ones from the unexpected cost of emergency ambulance transport. The current Arizona Department of Health Services regulated cost of an emergency ambulance transport in Golder Ranch Fire District is well over $1,000.00. Depending on your insurance plan, the cost of ambulance transportation may not be covered fully. When this occurs (or if you are uninsured) you will be responsible for the remainder of the fees from the ambulance transport. Golder Ranch Fire District has implemented an EMS Membership Program that has been approved by the Arizona Department of Health Services, that offers you protection from those fees. It will cover you and any other household members for ambulance transportation to the hospital for one fee per household.

This means that Golder Ranch EMS Membership could more than pay for itself in one trip alone. The plan is available to all residents of Golder Ranch Fire District and the family members who live in the resident’s household.

Golder Ranch EMS Membership will cover ambulance transport from anywhere within Golder Ranch Fire District and covers transport to the nearest appropriate hospital, not the hospital of choice. If an ambulance responds but the patient is not transported, there will be no charge.

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Golder Ranch is proud to offer ambulance transport memberships. This quick, easy, and affordable option, covers all the members of your family, providing added peace of mind.

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