Pima County Burn Permits Application

- Wildfire Risk Area - Land which is covered with grass, grain, brush or forest, whether privately or publicly owned, which is so situated or is of such inaccessible location that a fire originating upon it would present an abnormally difficult job of suppression or would result in great or unusual damage through fire or such areas designated by the fire code official
A device / incinerator for the purpose of disposal of waste vegetative debris. A forced air curtain destructor fire shall have a physical barrier located at a minimum of 15 foot radius around the edge of the fire and unauthorized persons shall not be allowed to approach the fire. Fire ignition shall be no earlier than one hour after sunrise and shall be completely extinguished two hours before sunset. The fire shall not be allowed to smolder.
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A site map or sketch shall be attached to the permit application and show all the following: a. Show lines of measurement or be scaled; b. Show the location of buildings, roadways, points of fire department access, overhead communication and power lines; nearby trees; natural desert areas, etc.; c. Show the location at which the unburned materials are stored; d. Show the location at which the burning will occur. e. Show the location of lines behind which the audience will be restrained for public assembly fires; f. Show the barricade or fencing for forced air curtain destructor fires.


This permit shall not replace or supersede compliance with all applicable provisions of the rules and regulations of the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality or Pinal County Air Quality Control District.***** Contact the appropriate agency to obtain required open burning permits. Pima County DEQ 520-2437400 www.pima.gov/deq/index.html Pinal County Air Quality 520-866-6929 www.pinalcountyaz.gov/DEPARTMENTS/AIRQUALITY?pages/Home.aspex Arizona DEQ 602-771-2300 http://www.azdeq.gov/.

Burning Hours: From one hour after sunrise to two hours before sunset.

When in Doubt, Don't Burn

Fires shall not be built, ignited or maintained with any of the following conditions: 1) When burning is banned or on Red Flag Warning days, or2) When winds are greater than 10 M.P.H., or 3) When a person age 18 or over and knowledgeable in the use of fire extinguishing equipment is not present at all times to watch and tend such fire, or 4) When burning creates a nuisance, or emissions are offensive to occupants of surrounding property, or 5) When burning is determined to constitute a hazardous condition.

Violation of the permit conditions or failure to obtain a permit may result in the issuance of a citation or fine in accordance with the 2018 International Fire Code, Sections 105.6.32, Section 110.3, and Section 307.

Permittee accepts this permit subject to the terms outlined herein; this permit will not relieve the permittee from complying with all other applicable legal requirements; the undersigned permittee acknowledges full liability for any unexpected consequences of a fire authorized by this permit. At a minimum, such liability could include the cost of response by the fire district to bring a fire under control or to protect life and property. If the permittee is a property tenant ONLY, the permittee attests that expressed consent has been obtained from property owner to apply for the burn permit, and further acknowledges that liability may be shared between the permittee and the property owner.
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