Governing Boards

Fire Board

Golder Ranch Fire District is governed by a five-person, non-partisan board that is elected by registered voters of the District. Board members are elected for alternating four-year terms. As a result, there are at least two members elected every two-years.

 The current Fire Board is comprised of:

  • Vicki Cox-Golder, Chairperson
  • Richard Hudgins, Vice-Chairperson
  • David Dahl, Clerk of the Board
  • Steve Brady, Board Member
  • Albert Pesqueira, Board Member

The Fire Board is charged with diverse responsibilities. Specifically, the Board establishes policy, sets tax rates, approves annual budgets, and hires the Fire Chief. The Fire Board also maintains sole authority to set policy and approval of annexations.

Golder Ranch Fire District is considered a special district of the State and complies with all applicable areas of the Arizona Revised Statutes. For example, Golder Ranch Fire District holds a public meeting on the second Tuesday of every month at the administrative office. This meeting is mandated by the state through the Open Meeting Law. We encourage residents to attend these monthly meetings.

In accordance with state law, notice for all special district public meetings, as well as agendas, must be posted at least 24-hours in advance of the meeting. Public notices for the Golder Ranch Fire District (GRFD) are posted at Fire Station 370 – 3895 E. Golder Ranch Dr., Fire Station 373 – 63735 E Saddlebrooke Blvd, Fire Station 377 – 355 E Linda Vista, as well as on the announcements board in the main Administration lobby, located at 3885 E. Golder Ranch Dr.

Public meeting notices are also posted on GRFD’s website. Please be advised that only the Golder Ranch Fire District station and administration bulletin boards may be relied on for official postings under the Arizona Open Meeting Law. A technological problem or failure that either prevents the posting of public notices on a website or that temporarily or permanently prevents the use of all or part of the website does not preclude the holding of the meeting for which the notice was posted, if the public body complies with all other public notice requirements.

Click here for Agendas and Minutes

Public Safety Local Pension Board

The Golder Ranch Public Safety Local Pension Board is responsible for making decisions that are related to PSPRS retirement benefits under the pension plan. The Local Pension Board is also responsible for communicating and reporting all matters to the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Administrator. The Local Pension Board consists of five members. One member of the Local Pension Board shall be the Clerk of the District Governing Board, and shall act as the Chairperson. Two citizens appointed by the Clerk of the District Governing Board. The last two shall be District Firefighters who are elected by secret ballot. The elected Members shall serve staggered four year terms. The Members appointed by the District Governing Board shall hold office until the next regular District Governing Board Meeting held in December and until their successor is appointed or until his/her failure to continue to meet the qualifications for his/her appointment. Each Firefighter that is elected shall hold office until his/her four year term expires.

Annual Local Pension Board Meetings are held in December-January of each year. The Chairperson can elect to conduct Special Board Meetings throughout the year when it is necessary.

Agendas and Minutes

  • 10/29/18 PSPRS Local Pension Board Meeting Agenda | Minutes
  • 10/1/18 PSPRS Local Pension Board Meeting Agenda-Amended| Minutes
  • 6/7/18 PSPRS Local Pension Board Meeting Agenda | Minutes
  • 4/23/18 PSPRS Local Pension Board Meeting Agenda | Minutes
  • 1/17/18 PSPRS Local Pension Board Meeting Agenda | Minutes

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