Fire Chief Karrer's Message

It is my honor to welcome you to our site and encourage you to take a good look at your Fire District. We have a fantastic group of men and women who are on the line, serving the public each and every day. We also have an exceptional group of people that work behind the scenes in Administration, Fleet Services, Logistics, and Training to ensure our line employees, who interact daily with our customers, have all the proper tools and skills to do their jobs the best they can. Most importantly, we have amazing support from the public we serve with incredible working relationships with other jurisdictions and public agencies, with one common goal: to effectively and efficiently provide public safety to the community. We are progressive, competent, cost effective, transparent and most importantly, customer service driven. If you don’t know who else to call… then call us!

I have seen many things throughout my thirty plus years in the fire service, some really great things and some things that we can continue to improve on. My number one priority as the Fire Chief is effective and efficient response of fire and emergency services. It is my philosophy, that if someone calls 911, they should receive the best possible care in the quickest amount of time, period. This should not be restricted by jurisdictional lines or boundaries, rather the closest most appropriate resources should be sent to help resolve the problem. Our collaborative and cooperative relationships help us to respond quickly and proficiently to make the worst moment of someone’s life, hopefully just a little bit better.

Thank you for checking out our website, it is full of useful information to help keep you and your family safe. Feel free to come into our Administration building, call us, email us or just drop by a nearby Fire Station to see what we are all about, you won’t be disappointed. We are your Fire District and we always enjoy meeting our residents, especially when it isn’t because of an emergency.

Stay Safe,

Randy Karrer

Fire Chief

Golder Ranch Fire District