Home Heating Equipment

Do fires really occur?

YES! In 1999, firefighters across the United States responded to more than 1,823,000 fires. This resulted in a residential fire every 82 seconds and a fire related death every 147 minutes. These startling statistics reiterate the importance of fire safety.

Heating equipment is the second most leading cause of fires in the home. This is often attributed to poorly maintained heating systems and improper use of alternative heating sources (portable heaters). The following list has been provided for your safety:

    • Heating equipment should be inspected before it is turned on for the season (refer to instruction manual or call for a professional service person)
    • Filters should be replaced prior to the “cold” season and inspected monthly
    • Use space heaters cautiously and maintain a distance of 3 ft. from combustibles
    • Never use extension cords with portable heaters
    • Never leave a portable heater on when you leave the house or go to bed
    • Make sure that smoke detectors work and that batteries are replaced regularly

The majority of “heater” related fires occur in the early morning hours while the homeowner is sleeping. This is due, in part, to the fact that the heaters are working the hardest to combat the cold ambient air. Golder Ranch Fire encourages you to ensure that your smoke detectors are working properly and that the batteries are replaced every six months.

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