The Golder Ranch Fire District develops, coordinates and delivers fire and EMS services, continuing education and training programs for the Golder Ranch Fire District and neighboring districts. Training is one of the most important functions within the fire service. Over the years, firefighting has become more mentally challenging and the need for an increased knowledge of emerging technology by firefighters has increased. The Training Division is responsible for administering and documenting various types of training activities. Some of these trainings include:

  • Evaluating the training level of employees
  • Research and development of training and new training concepts.
  • Coordinating training activities with other organizations.
  •  Recruit Academy development and delivery.
  •  Coordinate training activities within the District, county and other state agencies to ensure compliance and consistency with OSHA regulations and NFPA standards.
  •  Develop, recommend, and train on safe practices identified within the District.
  •  Develop and conduct promotional examinations for positions within the District.

Golder Ranch Fire Training is dedicated to providing training that is


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