Fire District Consolidation


The Golder Ranch Fire District and the Mountain Vista Fire District are seeking assistance from an experienced consulting partner to prepare a comprehensive evaluation and feasibility study for the potential consolidation of the Districts. The proposed feasibility analysis will identify opportunities to expand and/or strengthen emergency and non-emergency functions of the agencies. The study will determine if there are costs and service benefits to the taxpayers of both districts to consolidate all of the current services into one operation.
The comprehensive study will analyze both fire districts in the following areas: organizational overview, management, personnel management and support staff, facilities, apparatus and equipment, current funding mechanisms, fiscal analysis, legal requirements, impact on property insurance rates, and stakeholder input.
“This is an important first step in a process that is very dynamic. We want to have all of the necessary information in order to make the best decision for our employees and the community we serve,” commented Golder Ranch Fire Chief Randy Karrer.

Mountain Vista Fire District Fire Chief Cheryl Horvath shared, “We will remain committed to our mission of “Community First” throughout this process and will continue to do great work for the residents and businesses in our community.”

The data collected during this process will be presented to each fire district board and will determine whether a consolidation is in the best interest of all parties involved.

Media Release 3/24/17

Mountain Vista Fire District Resolution 2017-001

Golder Ranch Fire District Resolution 17-0001

Media Release 5/18/17

Taxpayer Notice of Proposed Fire District Consolidation

Fitch and Associates Fire District Consolidation Validation Study – Final Report

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